Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blustery weather

Very blustery here again today with new snow and lots of blowing. Encountered two accidents on the way to visit Hannah today. Had to sit in stopped traffic for about a half hour so our visit was cut short but the good news was that we were not in either accident!

Today was the first day at the orphanage that I saw other kids. They were all younger than Hannah but old enough to run around and several ran up to me. It was hard because I wanted to pick them up and pay them some attention but I also wanted Hannah to know that I was there for her and she didn't have to worry about other kids. Fortunately the caregivers would come and get them as soon as they ran up to us.
I did get lots of smiles and some hugs and laughs today but her eye contact is very short so that is something I hope to improve. Her favorite thing today seemed to be the photo album of my family. She looked at it several times during the visit and would point at each person and wait for me to say their name. I really noticed the language barrier today and realize that it is going to be tuff for a while. I think she will quickly learn how to get me to do whatever she wants--for right now that is okay with me.
Noon came all too soon and she happily went off with her caregivers again. Now I am bummed because I don't see her until Friday morning.

Got back to the hotel and had a message from my friends that they had moved to an apartment today. At first I was bummed but then found out it is in walking distance from here (even in this cold) and they still wanted to do a lot together. They walked back over here for suppper tonight. We ate at another good restaurant called the "Balken Grill". I have not been lacking for good food here. Tomorrow I will walk over to there place and we will explore that area.

Here's a couple pics from today.

Not a very good pic of me but isn't Hannah cute?


Aaron and Julie said...

Hannah is so beautiful & you look so happy!!! The eye contact will improve with time- Ben was rather upset with us for some time when we returned for our second trip. But it looks like Hannah is already bonding with you again. It is hard having the other kids run up, such a delicate balance....Hugs to you, Mama!!!!

Susan said...

Mary....she is just beautiful!! truly! and obviously Leeza was younger,but we had friends who adopted kids a lil younger than Hannah and they got the language down really really fast.

we got to play with all the kids in Leeza's group for our 10 week stint in Kostanai, and it was a blessing..but sad too cuz i wanted all of them.

you are glowing. I'm so beyond happy for you and YOUR GORGEOUS girl. She is just a beauty...i bet you can't stop staring at her. :)

The Regentin's said...

She is beautiful Mary...congratulations to you and your precious new daughter Hannah!

Kelly and Sne said...

That must be frustrating that you can't see her very often yet. I can't wait for you to get custody. She is precious. So beautiful.

qmiller said...

Mary: Hannah is so that smile!I'm sure that she'll rapidly pick up on English, just as your Russian is bound to improve. Stay warm and so glad to see you enjoying all aspects of your trip.

Alysa said...

Hannah is adorable! I think the language part will happen really fast. Any Russian you can speak will help bridge the gap in the meantime. I have a list of Russian phrases written phonetically from my agency if you need it, although I suspect you are all set on that front. It's kid oriented, everything from tummy ache to I love you.

The eye contact and attachment is all about time. It is frustrating sometimes, but know it WILL happen! Especially with all the love and attention you will be giving her.

So glad you are getting to enjoy your time while there and even better that you get to share it with friends.

Robin said...

She is SO beautiful and I agree with the other post ... you are glowing :)

I can't wait to meet her!

Baby Kaz Moore said...

I'm so thrilled for you! Hannah is beautiful and you're beaming with joy. How awesome. All my best, Susan