Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sort of feels like vacation

I didn't get to visit the orphanage today and wish I could have but otherwise it was another good day.
Saw the apartment that the other couple I know are at and it is pretty cool and actually very close to here. They invited me to stop by anytime so that's cool. We had lunch together at an Italian restaurant today that was very good. I had pepperoni pizza that tasted like home.
Aftwards I went to this cool little shop I found on my first trip and bought myself some really cool jewelry--the girl working there speaks English and remembered me from before. I am really excited with my purchase.
As I left she locked the store behind me because it was closing and I met another couple trying to come in. I used my Russian to say "zacreet" which means closed and they responded, "Oh, is it closed?" They spoke English and were American! They are also staying at the hotel and we had a very good visit. They are leaving tomorrow but we are having dinner together tonight.
I have to say this is a very nice city and it is fun to run into other adoptive parents--they are all pretty cool people.

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Aaron and Julie said...

Great job using Russian ;) Yes, it is so cool to hang out with other AP's in-country :) You will have bonds with these families forever!