Tuesday, January 26, 2010

shopping day!

Doesn't it look cold?

Just a short update today.
Had a very leisurely morning--slept until 8am and then spent the morning reading--finished a book by Nicholas Sparks--made me cry as he always does but it was very good. "At First Sight"
Had lunch with the Smiths--they had court today and are now the proud parents of a little boy.
Then Mrs. Smith and I went shopping for the afternoon--it was so so cold today but we walked all over anyway and it was fun. Just got a couple small things for Hannah and a couple gifts but didn't find too much.
We were so happy to get back to the hotel before we froze. We are getting together for dinner tonight but will stick to the hotel as it is too cold to go out again.
Tomorrow I get to visit Hannah again and this is the last visit that I will have to say Good-bye. It is getting closer.

Congrats to Julie Woods who was the first one to comment on my 100th blog entry--she has won a true Russian artifact that I will send when I get home. Thanks Julie and everyone else that has followed my journey and supported me with great comments.


Cameron and Kyle said...

Enjoy the last few days of sleeping in and reading a good book. Stay warm. HUGS to you.

Aaron and Julie said...

It sure does look cold :) Thank you for letting us follow your journey - I'm counting the days with you!!!